Solar Powered Outdoor Video Screens
By Jordan Tomkins
Solar Powered Outdoor Video Screens

Solar outdoor video screens - can you power an outdoor LED Video wall from the sun? Using SolCell off-grid solar generators, PYTCH can. Outdoor LED video walls are a great way to display visuals in various outdoor settings. They've quickly become a much brighter and more impressive way of showing sporting events, music festivals, and other video content outdoors.

While video walls are traditionally powered by connecting them to the electrical grid, we are often asked whether solar power can be used as a sustainable alternative. Solar power offers a clean and renewable energy source, reducing carbon emissions, and allows for flexible placement of LED video walls without long runs of electrical cable. So it's easy to see why this would be a good option!

However, outdoor LED video walls require a significant amount of energy to function properly, and solar panels generate energy that is influenced by various factors, including panel efficiency, angle and orientation, and weather conditions. As such, the power demands of outdoor LED video walls might pose a bit of a challenge for solar power. There are also not many 'off the shelf' solar energy systems that are designed to power a video screen in this way. Luckily, PYTCH have a solution.The SolCell system has been developed by PYTCH to help event organizers, festival promoters, producers, and power companies avoid the need for diesel generators. The SolCell system is essentially a mobile power station that is charged at the PYTCH solar farm and powered by additional solar panels, ensuring free, clean, green energy indefinitely.

The specific requirements of each LED video wall installation, like screen size, brightness levels, refresh rates, and intended usage patterns, determine the feasibility of solar-powered solutions. A hybrid approach that combines solar power with other renewable energy sources like wind turbines can help address the energy requirements more comprehensively, increasing the reliability of solar energy and enabling it to be a viable solution for outdoor LED video screens.

If you're considering a solar-powered video wall for your next event, get in touch with PYTCH for more advice and input on power design.