pytch hq
By Jordan Tomkins
`The best wrong turn I’ve ever made.`

Thanks to Thom for sending in this lovely piece after his unscheduled visit to our HQ. We really do mean it when we say: stop by for a coffee. Well, what a stroke of luck! If I didn’t believe in the power of the universe before, I certainly do now.

I’m 40 in June, which is a rather sobering thought. Sober, however, isn’t a word that I would to describe the celebrations I am planning for it. I am known for throwing pretty wild birthday parties, so it was a real stroke of luck when I (quite literally) took a wrong turn and ended up at Pytch HQ.

I was due to view a venue in Brislington with a friend of mine. We were trying to find the entrance when we walked around the corner and saw a huge graffitied private jet with no wings suspended on top of a shipping container. Which obviously isn’t something you see every day! I should have asked the two guys in hi-viz jackets for directions to the venue I was looking for, but all I wanted at that moment was to see inside that plane.

Five short minutes later and the lads took us into the office, introduced us to two girls who gave us a full tour of the unbelievably impressive event spaces they have available to hire, two stacked out warehouses of state-of-the-art equipment... and then finally onto the private jet, which was incredible!

We left after a thorough 30-minute tour and chat and my mate commented on how accommodating the team was. Not only did we arrive totally unexpectedly, but within 24 hours I had a quote for my party in my inbox and the parting message of ‘whatever you need, we will do our best to make it happen’.

I am now in early-stage talks to work collaboratively with PYTCH on a number of really exciting food events in their event space this year. Events that I didn't think would be possible to host in Bristol, but the space at PYTCH is totally unique and the team are going above and beyond to bring their own vision and value to them.

The best wrong turn I’ve ever made.

P.s. Yes, of course I took a photo on the private jet in case I ever end up on Tinder again.Visit Thom's website to find out what we're cooking up with him.