6 Ways to Make Your Event More Memorable
By Jordan Tomkins
6 Ways to Make Your Event More Memorable

In an increasingly chaotic world with brands and influencers vying for attention at every turn, the job of the event manager to create meaningful, engaging and memorable experiences is harder than ever. You need to not only meet the needs of your guests but leave a lasting impression. There are lots of ways to do this, but we’ve picked our top 6:

ONE: Start with a clear theme or concept.

This will allow all of your suppliers, content writers, and everyone else involved in the event to have a starting point and a theme to lean on when developing their own elements. Not only will this lead to more cohesive results, it will take some of the burden off yourself in the long run. It also gives guests something to focus on and creates a sense of cohesion throughout the event. Consider what your event is about, and come up with a theme or concept that aligns with it.

TWO: Personalise the experience.

Personalisation is key to making your event more memorable. By customizing the event to your guests, you'll create a sense of exclusivity and make them feel valued. Personalisation can be achieved through things like name tags, customised gift bags, or even personalised menus. Consider ways to make the experience more personalised, such as having choices of activities or ways to network in small groups throughout the event.

THREE: Ensure there are plenty of interactive elements.

Interactive elements are a great way to make your event more memorable. They allow guests to engage with the event in a more meaningful way, and they create opportunities for guests to connect with each other. People tend to remember experiences more vividly if they are direct participants and not passive observers. games, activities and workshops are easy wins, but also consider interactive storyline elements or tech installations to step it up a notch.

FOUR: Hit all 5 senses.

Creating an atmosphere requires the use of all of the senses. By engaging all five senses, you'll create a more immersive experience for your guests, and they'll be more likely to remember it. Think about ways to use lighting, sound, smell, and other tools to heighten the immersion. PYTCH have our own department dedicated to just this!

FIVE: Pay attention to the details.

Small touches can make a big impact on the overall impression of an event. For example walkways being 200mm wider can make a space feel bright and airy. Or having the correct signage in place so guests know where the toilets are and what the wifi code is.

SIX: Follow up.

Afterwards, you need to get feedback so you know what to improve for next time. This can be done through things like sending thank-you notes or conducting surveys to gather feedback. Not only will this help you keep your guests' needs in mind when improving, but it will also make sure they know you value their input and care about their experience.

In conclusion, making your event more memorable is crucial to creating a successful event. By following the tips outlined in this article, you'll be able to create an event that people will talk about long after it's over. Whether it's through a clear theme or concept, personalisation, interactive elements, engaging all five senses, paying attention to the details or following up, you'll be able to make your event more memorable and enjoyable for your guests.

Of course, these are just a few things and there are lots more you can do to make your event memorable. For some more specific ideas, why not give our team a call?