What are Comfort Monitors?
By Jordan Tomkins
What are Comfort Monitors?

Comfort monitors are visual displays that are used to assist presenters during their presentation. These can come in a few different forms:

Timer Monitors
When a conference or presentation needs to run to a specific schedule it is worthwhile to give presenters the ability to see how long they have been speaking for, as well as how long they have left for their speech. A time monitor shows both of these in a simple bold format. PYTCH have proprietary software that allows for specific timing data to be shown. We can also show other data on the screen as required by the event.

Presentation Monitors
A presentation comfort monitor is a screen that allows the presenter to see what is being shown on the main screen without moving away from the audience. This is typically done with an LCD monitor either in front of the stage, at the back of the room, or flown overhead. It is best that this monitor is not far from the audience so as to allow the presenter to generally keep their attention toward the audience. PYTCH have designed our own range of comfort monitors which are as unobtrusive as possible.

Teleprompters are also known as Autocue - they refer to the same thing and the phrases are used depending on context, industry and region. These work by having a thin sheet of glass standing at eye level and on a 45 degree angle. A monitor is then placed on the ground so that the reflection can be shown in the glass. When used correctly these devices are almost invisible to the audience, and allow presenters to read from a script whilst still fully engaging with the audience before them.

In conclusion:
Comfort monitors are integral to the smooth running of an event. Without them your presenter can often feel awkward and be unsure as to when their time on stage is up, or they are constantly turning to check the presentation behind them. They allow the presenter to focus on the audience and keep engagement up throughout.