Logo Gobo Projected onto the floor
By Joe Sandford-Hughes
What is Gobo Projection?

What is Gobo Projection and How Can It Be Used to Display Branding at Events?

You might think that displaying your brand through a projector is as easy as putting a PowerPoint on a big screen. There is another method – Gobo Projection. In this blog post, we will talk you through what Gobo Projection is and how it can be used to display your brand at events.

At PYTCH, we love to push the boundaries of what is possible with event technology. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to help our clients make an impact. One of the methods we are particularly passionate about is Gobo Projection. Gobo Projection is an innovative and eye-catching way to display your brand at events.

What is a Gobo?

A gobo is a small disc made of metal or glass. The front of the disc is cut or etched with a design or pattern. When light is shone through the disc, the design is projected onto a surface.

Gobos can be made with a wide variety of designs and patterns. Some typical examples of gobo designs include:

  • Logos
  • Branding elements (such as stripes, dots, or shapes)
  • Floral patterns
  • Geometric patterns
  • Photographs

The possibilities are almost endless! If you can think of a design, chances are it can be made into a gobo.

How Does Gobo Projection Work?

Gobo Projection works by using a specialised projector to shine light through the gobo. The light travels in a straight line and projects the gobo's design onto a surface such as a wall, floor, or ceiling.

The key to Gobo Projection is having the right kind of projector. A standard office or home projector will not produce good results with a gobo. This is because it is not designed to focus the light in the same way. Instead, a special type of projector called a "gobo projector" is used.

A gobo projector is similar in many ways to a standard projector. It has a light source, a lens, and a mechanism for holding and focusing the gobo. However, it is designed specifically for the purpose of projecting images using gobos.

PYTCH has invested in a range of high-quality gobo projectors to ensure that we can achieve stunning results with Gobo Projection. Our team of specialist technicians are experts at using these projectors to create captivating visual displays.

Why Use Gobo Projection?

Gobo Projection offers several key benefits as a method of displaying branding at events:

Eye-Catching and Memorable: Gobo Projection creates a bold and eye-catching visual display that is sure to grab the attention of your audience. Because it is somewhat unusual, it can leave a lasting impression in a way that more traditional forms of branding might not.

Customisable: Gobos can be made with almost any design you can imagine. This means that Gobo Projection is an incredibly versatile method of displaying branding. Whether you want to project a simple logo, a complex graphic, or even a moving image, it is all possible with gobos.

Works in a Range of Environments: Gobo Projection can be used in almost any event space. It is equally effective in a conference centre, a ballroom, or even an outdoor setting. This means that you can maintain a consistent and impactful brand presence across all aspects of your event.

Complements Other Visual Elements: Gobo Projection is a fantastic addition to your event's visual arsenal. It can be used in conjunction with other technology such as LED screens, lighting effects, and pyrotechnics to create a truly immersive experience.

PYTCH’s Approach to Gobo Projection

At PYTCH, we are passionate about using Gobo Projection to help our clients achieve their event goals. Our approach is based on creativity, innovation, and technical excellence:

Collaborative Design: Our team of skilled designers and technicians work closely with you to develop gobos that perfectly represent your brand and vision. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want, or need some inspiration, we are here to help.

Technical Proficiency: PYTCH's technicians are experts in the use of Gobo Projection technology. We know how to get the best results from our projectors, and are always exploring new techniques and approaches.

Creative Thinking: We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Gobo Projection. Whether it is experimenting with new gobo designs, developing custom projection surfaces, or creating interactive experiences, we love to think outside the box.

Seamless Execution: When you work with PYTCH, you can be confident that your Gobo Projection will be executed flawlessly. From the moment your event starts, to the final curtain, we are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Gobo Projection is an incredibly effective and versatile method of displaying your brand at events. It offers a level of creativity and impact that is difficult to achieve with more traditional forms of branding. Whether you want to create a striking visual feature, subtly reinforce your brand, or anything in between, Gobo Projection is a fantastic option.

If you are interested in using Gobo Projection to elevate your next event, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with PYTCH to discuss how we can help make your vision a reality.

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