RadFi Launch - Keynote Production
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By Jordan Tomkins
RadFi Launch - Keynote Production

The main video (not including any clips) hit 15k views on YouTube in just over 12 hours.

Radix DLT - RadFi Launch Keynote

The Brief:

When Radix were planning the launch of their groundbreaking new suite of technologies, they wanted ‘Apple Keynote’ quality of production to match the quality of their product. They came to PYTCH for our combined studio filming and tech expertise, and set us the challenge of producing the highest quality video production possible.

The Solution:

PYTCH took the entire project from day 1 and planned out every stage of the 8-week production process, working with their design team to build digital assets, motion graphics packages, and design content. Creative Director Tom worked with the executive team to hone their scripts and get it ready for filming, maintaining constant communication throughout the process. The entire team travelled from far and wide to our virtual venue studio for a two-day shoot, using our ultra-high-definition LED backdrop to more creatively visualise their product. We also produced and shot a series of panel discussions around the product to provide additional marketing content for the team. Finally, the entire 90-minute keynote was cut together and broadcast live online to thousands of viewers.

Just wanted to thank you all again for the amazing work on RadFi. The response we have got from it has been phenomenal. So many comments on the top tier production quality, animations, and flow. Really well done.

The main video (not including any clips) hit 15k views on YouTube in just over 12 hours.” - Adam Simmons, Chief Strategy Officer