SBC Charity Boxing Championship
Event Production
By Jordan Tomkins
SBC Charity Boxing Championship

A resounding success, the event raised in excess of £150,000 for charity.

SBD Charity Boxing Championship

The Brief:
SBC organise some of the largest international events in the sports, betting, and gaming industries. In 2022 their events team were challenged to take the level of production at their events to a higher level, so they reached out to PYTCH to help achieve this. The first full event that PYTCH was to produce for SBC was to be the Charity Boxing Championship - a one-off event to raise money for a worthy cause, with the added bonus of bringing the betting and gaming community closer together by watching their executives challenge one another in the ring. The production needed to be punchy, high-energy, and engaging, but subtle enough to blend into the elegant setting of the recently refurbished Hilton Park Lane Ballroom.

The Solution:
PYTCH designed a production package that was both powerful and minimalist. Using only two rigging trusses spanning the room, we achieved full audio coverage for an in-the-round event by careful consideration of speaker placement and type. A mix of Martin Audio DD6 and our own custom-designed ‘P281’ speaker cabinets were used, paired with a cardioid array of WS218X subs to provide punchy audio while minimising unwanted sound spill throughout the hotel. Providing consistent lighting coverage for sports events is critical, and the low ceilings and minimal rigging positions of the venue proved challenging. However a good solution was found by employing a large quantity of fresnel fixtures overhead, augmented with Chauvet wash and hybrid fixtures for eye-candy. A total of 66 fixtures were used - a quantity usually reserved for much larger rooms.

The event was broadcast for viewers online, and while a multi-camera system was deemed unnecessary for this event, PYTCH provided a full graphics solution with wipes, stings, score overlays, and 16 foot wide projection screens in the room so nobody missed the action. We also integrated with Impact Gumshields to provide realtime analytics on the boxers’ hits.

The Result:
A resounding success, the event raised in excess of £150,000 for charity.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Having you guys on site made me feel so much more comfortable and you dealt with all the last minute additions brilliantly. The CEO agreed that the level of production was really kicked up a notch from previous events… the show is getting rave reviews in the industry. Looking forward to working with you on the next one!” - Stuart Duff - Head of Events, Europe