World Procurement Congress & Awards 2023
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By Jordan Tomkins
World Procurement Congress & Awards 2023

One of the benefits of working with with a strategic partner is the ability to fill all the little gaps and cover off the smallest details.

World Procurement Congress & Awards 2023

The Brief:

How do you keep an in-person experience engaging in the era of AI and the Metaverse, which virtual and augmented reality is fighting for our attention at every turn? This was the question posed by long-term partners Procurement Leaders when we sat down to plan their 2023 World Procurement Congress and Awards. For the client, everyone is a VIP, and this needs to be reflected in every facet of the event, from a ‘truly special’ main stage, to unique exhibition stands, down to the experience and service to the speakers.

The Solution:

As the client’s strategic partner, PYTCH were able to support with every element of the event. The main plenary stage drew inspiration from our large-venue and touring production experience, with nods to Eurovision and rock concerts. The breakout stages received an uplift for 2023 - each receiving 3m high LED wall-based sets built around the brand elements. Collaborating with the PL team, we designed bespoke, CNC machined exhibition stands to encourage an airy, open feel to the expo - manufactured from sustainably sourced materials and designed to be used year-on-year for maximum sustainability.

Exhibition Stands at the World Procurement Congress 2023, SpendHQ, McKinsey

Digital content is always a high priority for the Procurement Leaders team, and this year’s event was no exception, with extensive coverage across the three day schedule. PYTCH not only designed a comprehensive package of digital assets for the screens around the venue, we also provided a full site filming team to capture highlights of the event and audience interviews for use in marketing materials. Digital signage was handled with our custom signage platform - Signwave.

One of the benefits of working with with a strategic partner on an event such is this is the ability to fill all the little gaps and cover off the details. We constructed bespoke props, created themed areas such as the ‘sustainability lounge’, and worked with the the client to create a whole new concept for 2023 - the broadcast stage. We built a live newsroom on the exhibition floor, for broadcasting online sessions and interviews to audiences that couldn’t be in the room, adding another dimension of engagement to the agenda.

Delegates in the sustainability lounge at the World Procurement Congress 2023
Natasha Kaplinsky on the Broadcast Stage at World Procurement Congress 2023

The entire show was topped off with a stunning awards ceremony to recognise the greatest achievers in the procurement industry. It included a time-coded lighting and pyrotechnic show, broadcast- style videography, and a glittering after-party with DJ, dancers, and walkabout performances.

A singer on stage at the World Procurement Awards

The Result:

A complete smash hit, feedback from delegates, speakers, and staff of Procurement Leaders was overwhelmingly positive.

“The smoothest of any event I have ever taken part in. The main stage felt truly special, and the vibe was amazing - speakers were taking selfies backstage! It was clean and impactful.” - Ian Lawless, Content Director, Procurement Leaders

“Majestic… the exhibition stands looked fantastic and really translated our brief of open and airy. Your content team were so flexible and helpful (and) saved us at the eleventh hour… (and) the (awards) opener was incredible.” - Hilary Murnane, Event Manager, Procurement Leaders

Watch the full, 'incredible' awards opener below, designed and performed by PYTCH.