3D CAD & Client Visualisation Rendering for Live Events
Creative Content & Design
By Johnny Palmer
3D CAD & Client Visualisation Rendering for Live Events

Before we build a show in the real world, it is vital to "model" it on a computer first. These visual "models" are called renders and mean we can see a show before it is built.

This is vital to make sure a show looks as awesome as we think it will and that brand graphics work in the space.

As well as the visual aspects of an event, there are also technical reasons that renders matter.

They help us to:

  • check sight lines to make sure the view for all guests are as good as they can be
  • make sure heights work and we have clearance to fit in the production we want to
  • pre-program the lighting for a show - that's right we can even control the lights in the render and see what the show will look like live
  • support clients in raising sponsor and partner revenue for their shows by placing branding on the screens and set
  • output essential technical information like pixel counts for LED video walls, weight loadings for rigging systems, patch data for lighting and specs for audio and other systems

All this design work means we are approaching projects at the early stage with integrity - making sure that everything we design can be delivered and establishing key limitations early on in our process.

The tools we use for renders are varied. At the core of our workflow is Vectorworks which is best known for architectural drawing, but has a very powerful event package to support the core drawing. We also utilise Capture for lighting renders. Sketchup is used for drawing elements and doing basic spatial designs.

Show renders are used in different ways for different types of events. For arena shows and arena tours the CAD work is to establish rigging plots and makle method statements for staff. Whereas for awards show production and conference production, the renders are used for client communication and engagement.

We utilise renders as a tool for communication and management across multiple projects. We also do render work for clients in isolation - so if you need a render of your next show please do get in touch!