Johnny Palmer on PytchAir
Johnny Palmer
Founder & CEO

Johnny Palmer is founder of PYTCH and chair of Autonomous Investments, PYTCH’s parent company.

Johnny Palmer’s fascination with engineering, art and experience creation started in his childhood growing up in an isolated rural area of Tasmania in Australia. Fascinated by audio and lighting at the age of nine years old he started DJing commercially at 12 years old as it allowed him to blend a love of sound, with music and parties. Upon moving to the UK in 1998 he swiftly built a mobile DJing business aptly named “South Cross Sounds” (abbreviated to SXS) which naturally grew into providing basic production services for the events he was DJing at. That was the origins of what is now PYTCH.

Without any seed capital or investment Palmer worked tirelessly and relentlessly through his 20s to build the team, equipment and business processes to a level of quality he aspired too. While the kit has changed and the business processes are unrecognisable from the early days, many of the core team built almost 20 years ago remain part of PYTCH today. Many clients have been with the company for over a decade too. Technical innovation, creativity and the development of the team are core motivations for Johnny.

Throughout Johnny’s career he has diversified into other trading companies and investments, whilst always caring for PYTCH as a vital part of his investment group. His other projects include Warleigh Weir, The Stables at Leigh Court, Intelligo, Luna Domes, Box7 and PYTCHAir.

Property investment became vital to the company’s success and in 2007 Johnny started investing in commercial property. Since then he has built (within Autonomous Investments Properties) an enviable portfolio of properties, including owning the entire street of Skyline Park BS4, where PYTCH is based.

PytchAir at Skyline park
PYTCH HQ at skyline park
Pytchair Team before transport

These days Johnny does “what needs doing, wherever and whenever it needs to be done”. This usually manifests as supporting the “PYTCHers” in areas such as engineering, marketting and team development. Additionally he is a major activist in the areas of river quality and public access to rivers. He is a keen public speaker and also puts a lot of time into mentoring and supporting young people.

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