5 Ways to make your Event more Sustainable
By Jordan Tomkins
5 Ways to make your Event more Sustainable

In today's climate, you can't afford not to be looking at ways of making your event more sustainable. Below are 5 easy ways to start. In a world that's becoming increasingly conscious of its carbon footprint, the question on every event planner's mind should be, "How can we make our events more sustainable?" In fact, sustainable events should be the new norm, and here are five effective ways to achieve this.

Alternative Power Sources

One of the most impactful ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your event is by leveraging renewable energy sources. Consider using solar or wind power for lighting, sound systems, and even food preparation. Mobile solar generators such as SolCell or wind turbines can be an efficient solution, reducing reliance on the grid and demonstrating your commitment to the environment.


A solar powered event stage in a field.


No Single-use Print

Creating single-use printed materials is one of the biggest contributors to waste at an event. Digital ticketing is becoming the norm, but you should also consider using digital signage instead of print graphics to create branding opportunities around the venue. If you have to print, consider making the branding non-specific to the year or theme, so you can re-use it later.




Sustainable Venues

Opt for venues that prioritise eco-friendly practices. Look for facilities with energy-efficient lighting, waste reduction programs, and established recycling initiatives. Partnering with venues that share your sustainability goals elevates the sustainable status of your event.

Responsible Food and Beverage Choices

Choose caterers that use locally-sourced, organic, and seasonal produce. This not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting food but also supports local businesses and farming communities. Also, make sure to minimise single-use plastics by offering reusable plates and cutlery. Many guests in the UK are now opting for vegetarian and vegan food options, which is a great way to further reduce your carbon impact.

Effective Waste Management

Implement a robust recycling and waste reduction programme. Use clearly labelled recycling stations and educate attendees on proper disposal. Post-event, consider donating any leftover food and materials to local charities or composting sites.

A gobo projection of the B Corp logo onto the Jolly Hog shipping container in Bristol. The True Start Coffee Suzuki Jimny is in the foreground.

Creating sustainable events doesn't have to be complicated. By taking a few small steps, such as using alternative power sources and reducing waste, you can significantly reduce the environmental impact of your event. Remember, every sustainable choice you make contributes to a healthier planet, and these actions are valued by an increasingly eco-conscious public. Make your next event a testament to your commitment to sustainability, and watch as attendees become advocates for your cause.

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