Designing & Building a Festival Stand for Chilly's Bottles
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By Jake Giles-Phillips
Designing & Building a Festival Stand for Chilly's Bottles

At the end of last year, we were approached by fellow B-Corp member, Chilly's Bottles to help them design and build a unique, robust and tourable festival stand.

You might be familiar with Chilly's from their ever-popular line of stylish, reusable and eco-friendly water bottles - but you might not be aware that as part of their commitment to sustainability they spend their summers traveling UK festivals to pop-up and deliver fresh, cold and filtered drinking water to party-goers thanks to their collaboration with Sipple Hydration.

Being in the events industry ourselves, and having a shared interest in sustainability, we were delighted to be approached for the opportunity.

If there's one thing we love at PYTCH almost as much as delivering a responsible product, it's live music events and festivals.

Chilly's had just come off the back of their previous year hitting the festival scene with their water refill stand, and whilst they had great success being a core partner for some big names like Glastonbury Festival, they had trouble facing the elements with their existing stand solution. They need something that was not only robust and weatherproof - but stylish and crowd pleasing - much like them!

You can see pictures of our design process below.
From initial CAD renders to our pre-build phase, and finally to our first pop-up at Love Saves the Day Festival, right here in our home town of Bristol.

We're looking forward to a summer of festivals and sustainable event collaborations with Chilly's - next stop Glastonbury 2024.

CAD Drawings

Pre Build

Love Saves the Day