A Unique Way to Add Creative Lighting to your Stage Design
Event Production
By Jacob Nuttall
A Unique Way to Add Creative Lighting to your Stage Design

We recently produced a conference show here at PYTCH that required a pretty interesting stage lighting approach that required us to think a bit outside the box to come up with a solution. We had a stage design that was incredibly long and featured a lot of physical column shaped set pieces, all of which required a continuous illuminated border at every edge.

On much smaller scale set-piece designs we might simply use LED tape or light beams to achieve this result, but in a case where many people will be coming on and off of the stage multiple times throughout the show, and potentially catching the edge in the process we needed something robust. Equally so with such a large stage and many viewing angles, achieving a consistent illumination effect required a somewhat diffusive element.

What we ended up doing was not only incredibly effective and visually stunning, but also incredibly simple and cost effective. By combining pixel-mapped programable LED tape with a diffusive acrylic encasement, we were able to create a programmable light tube that can be rigidly fixed to the side of set/stage elements, whilst maintaining a complete 180 degree viewing angle.