Alfresco Disco Bristol host the Surrealist Ball at PYTCH’s Skyline Park
Event Production
By Thomas Benoy
Alfresco Disco Bristol host the Surrealist Ball at PYTCH’s Skyline Park

Massive party held at the PYTCH Campus

For many of the PYTCHers it is a love of the technology used at parties that inspires them to work in the events industry. While much of our work these days is “corporate” in nature, we love to get back to our roots and help put on amazing parties where people dance, come together and form life-long memories.

Working with Alfresco Disco is perfect for this.

Alfresco Disco are legends in the UK party scene for producing “secret location” parties over the last 20 years. Inspired by the early days of the orbital rave scene, Alfresco give a sense of adventure to their ravers, but in a safe and organised way. It feels naughty but is very much a safe space. Their audience is fun, loving, inclusive people who create an amazing and friendly atmosphere.

The Surrealist Ball was held at Skyline Park (PYTCH’s home) and utilised our yard, our Box7 Soundstage and the adjacent warehouse.

Room 1 was the Box7 Soundstage. With its acoustic treatment and total blackout it made the perfect party venue. “Dead” acoustics mean virtual no reverberation which creates crystal clear sound that is hugely enjoyable to dance to. Our Martin Audio line array system produced excellent sound. All powered by Class A Powersoft X4 and Powersoft X8 amps, the system was energy efficient and had incredible “headroom” (this is excess unused power capacity that ensures clean, undistorted sound). Yamaha QL1s were used in both rooms for control, routing and compression.

Video was a major part of the design and we installed a large video wall as well as a series of smaller LED video panels flown from the ceiling from the existing rigging. A high-powered show laser (Laserworld PL20,000) gave an awe-inspiring effect on the “drops” of the music.

This is the third time Alfresco Disco has held their iconic rave at Skyline Park and it gets better every time. It's a chance for us to try something different and use our expertise in events to create a truly exceptional experience. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for next time.

Thomas Benoy - Creative Director at PYTCH

Room 2 had a lighter and fresher vibe, using Astera titan tubes, moving lights and a high-powered Panasonic projector.

Across both rooms, we used Pioneer CDJs and DJM mixers. One of the DJs requested vinyl which triggered the need to get out our vintage Technics 1210s and Ortofon carts.

It is a real honour to support the local party scene and while it is not our normal work we love to “keep it real” with this kind of work.