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Jake Giles-Phillips
Senior Content Manager

What is the origin of your passion for events?

I grew up in the middle of Dartmoor and like a lot of people from this area I went to a lot of free parties growing up, one of my close friends was building his own sound system at the time as well which meant I got involved in working a lot of events from college onwards. I think my first gig was also a Chase & Status DJ set on my 16th birthday, and I remember later that year my parents took me along to Glastonbury festival for the first time. Since then I've pretty much loved working/attending and just being involved in live events in some way.

How this led to a career in events?

Having a lot of friends in the industry meant I've done a lot of events work over the years on the side of my main career. But the covid pandemic meant that the tech startup I was working at during that time had to let my team go. I spent a while then contemplating my career and thanks to this network of friends in the events industry I found myself here at PYTCH in a role that suits both my skills and my passions.

What is your education & past work background?

At college I studied IT, Graphics and Media Production. Wanting to work in the games industry at the time I then went on to a Games Programming course at University. Graduating first class but into a pretty cut-throat industry - I found myself bouncing around in different roles and developing new skills until I found focused myself as a Web Designer. This creative & technical background alongside my passion for live music and events has brought me to this role here at PYTCH now.

What is your favourite project you've worked on?

I'm the newest member of the team here at the time of writing but I've got to work on some cool projects already. Helping to brand and promote our Lumosphere light trail was a lot of fun, and designing some of the installation using Unreal Engine has been a real fun use of my skills.

What is your biggest passion for your current role?

I'm the sort of person that loves having something new to work on and a place like PYTCH is perfect for that, having constantly new projects and challenges ticks all my boxes.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I love hanging out with friends, and getting out and about. Even if it's going for a beer or a walk around Bristol. I love camping and traveling too!

Creative Skills

  • Adobe Suite
  • 2D/3D Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Unreal Engine
  • Virtual Production
  • Blender
  • NextJS
  • VueJS
  • Git
  • React/ReactNative
  • Typescript
  • C#
  • NodeJS
  • SQL (MySQL,PostgreSQL)
  • NoSQL(MongoDB)