Illuminating the Outdoors: Safe and Durable Event Lighting
By Penny Sandford-Hughes
Illuminating the Outdoors: Safe and Durable Event Lighting

When it comes to outdoor events, the challenge of using mains-powered lighting in inclement weather can be a common concern. Safety is paramount, especially when dealing with electricity outdoors. At PYTCH, we prioritise both the brilliance of our event lighting and the safety of our audience.

IP Ratings

The outdoor lighting solution lies in the IP (Ingress Protection) rating, a crucial measurement of how resilient equipment is to external elements like dust and water. For outdoor events, all our lighting equipment is selected with a minimum IP rating of 44, with the ideal preference being IP rating 55. These ratings indicate the degree of protection against the intrusion of foreign objects and water.

Resisting the Elements

An IP rating of 44 ensures that our lighting equipment can withstand light showers and splashes of water. However, for events exposed to heavy downpours, we opt for the enhanced protection of IP rating 55. This means our lighting fixtures are sealed tightly, preventing water from penetrating the appliance. Consequently, this prevents tripping out and eliminates the risk of transmitting electricity that could be harmful to event attendees.

Our selection of equipment with high IP ratings ensures that attendees can enjoy the event without concerns about electrical safety. The sealed design not only protects against water but also contributes to the longevity and reliability of the lighting fixtures, ensuring a seamless and secure event experience.

If you want to know more about outdoor lighting with a further detailed explanation, please watch the video below: