PYTCH Labs Recap - November 2023
Creative Content & Design
By Jake Giles-Phillips
PYTCH Labs Recap - November 2023

Creative experimentation is core to what we do and PYTCH Labs is where we push boundaries and play.  We do this to create new experiences and find new forms of artistic expression, underpinned by the amazing event technology we have in stock.
Hosted at the new Box7 Sound Stage & TV Studio at Skyline Park, PYTCH Labs brought together a diverse group of artists and visitors to see ideas form and be expressed.

Project Mobile

The first piece was produced by Paula Birtwistle and was a visual play between multiple projections from different positions. A round projection scrim rotates slowly from an overhead motor, while planetary projections are shown from different angles. As the mobile rotates it blends and contorts the projected images creating mesmerising effects.   Slight textures on the projection fabric add elements of moving shadows to the projection.

This feature can be used for both indoor events and outdoors events. 

The main feature can be hung from trees at light trails, or used in urban environments for light festivals.

Laser Totem

Also produced by Paula Birtwistle, the Laser Totem uses a high power three colour show laser (Laserworld PL20,000) as the light source. This projects coherent light through found objects, in this case cut crystal decanters. This caused an otherwise coherent laser light source to detract, reflect and aberate. The effect of this was an incredibly diverse array of light effects - going from ethereal aurora borealis style effects, to intense laser beams to what appear similar to traditional disco light effects.

This installation can be used at indoor and outdoor events, ideally ones with large surface which can be projected onto.

Newtonian UV

Anyone who has played with “non newtonian liquids” will be familiar with the fascinating way it moves, breaks and slides unlike any other substance. But what happens when this is merged with UV light and an array of dyes? Newtonian UV plays with exactly that. The fluidity and crumbling nature of non-newtonian liquids mixed with dyes gives a fascinating feast for the eyes.

This feature is an ideal hands-on experience for participants.

With edible food dye, cornflour and water as the only ingredients it is safe to play with. This makes it ideal for light trails for families.


Many artists do not get access to the space, tools and resources that are needed to develop their artistic practice. We hope that PYTCHLabs can be a solution to this problem so that more people can be more creative and thereby enhance experiences and the art the public get to benefit from.

The next PYTCH Labs

We are looking to host between two and four of these events a year, keep an eye on our events page for all the latest info, and sign up to our mailing list to hear about it first. 

If you are an artist, have an idea or simply want to attend please reach out to us on the contact page here.