What to expect at this months PYTCH Labs session
By Jake Giles-Phillips
What to expect at this months PYTCH Labs session

We love tech, creating experiences, and art. Our core work uses this passion to create amazing live events, broadcasts, and content. But it can be all too easy to focus on our passion becoming entirely “work”.

PYTCHLabs solves that.

For one special day, the techies, producers, artists, engineers, and designers in the PYTCH ecosystem play like children using equipment we never had when we were little. We experiment, play, build, test, and hypothesise. Each “PYCTHer” has a project that they build, test, and showcase in a day.

The next PYTCHLabs is on Tuesday, November 7th 2023.
The Schedule

  • 0800 – Optional breakfast onboard PYTCHAir
  • 0850 – Welcome intros and coffee
  • 0900 – Safety briefing and kick-off
  • 1230-1330 – Lunch
  • 1700 – Time Up
  • 1701 – Tidy and prepare for demo/break
  • 1800 – Showcase of what each participant did, how they did it, what it means, and what they learned
  • 2000 – Packdown and dinner

Whether that is seeing how lasers bounce off water, playing with philosophies around energy usage, exploring synaesthesia, or seeing what light works best on an aircraft; we all share the experience of colliding art with science.

People who would like to be involved in this should fill in this form (Link https://forms.gle/cTXZAT5fXiBTu3RC7). We invite fellow creatives, as well as those who wish to see the outcomes of the activity including young people, students, or others with an interest in our work.