Talking Tree at Enchanted Christmas - ‘Elder-Oak’
Event Production
By Penny Sandford-Hughes
Talking Tree at Enchanted Christmas - ‘Elder-Oak’

In the magical realm of Enchanted Christmas at Westonbirt Arboretum, PYTCH has been enchanting audiences for the fifth consecutive year. However, one feature stands out as the most memorable – the captivating 'Talking Tree’. Despite being a fan favourite, many are unaware that the charismatic tree has a name – 'Elder-Oak,' and a voice that brings it to life, courtesy of the talented Dave Ashling.

The Art of Character Animation

Elder-Oak comes to life through the software of Adobe Character Animation, a tool that gives personality to the animated face. Dave's voiceover is skillfully manipulated to align with the character's unique personality. The meticulous synchronisation of audio and animation ensures a seamless and enchanting experience for those who encounter this creation along the light trail.

Once the animated face is meticulously crafted, it takes center stage as it is projected onto a real tree. The projection serves as a captivating visual narrative, inviting attendees to not only see but also listen to the enchanting tales shared by Elder-Oak.

Beyond its visual appeal, Elder-Oak's interaction with visitors creates a lasting impression, adding an extra layer of magic to the overall Enchanted Christmas experience.

Watch the video below if you want to see the ‘Talking Grandad Tree’ in action!