What Orientation Should you Display your Video Content?
Event Production
By Jake Giles-Phillips
What Orientation Should you Display your Video Content?

The way we film and digest video is an ever changing narrative in our lifetimes; advancements in technology improve picture quality, availability of technology improves our filming capabilities, and rapid digest of media and mobile phones changes the way we watch.

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Landscape video seems these days to be exclusive to long form media, if you want short bitesize video then you're likely going to be watching it in portrait. TikTok, Instagram Reels, even YouTube shorts are changing the way we think about content delivery on the go - but this same way of thinking shouldn't be limited to mobile formats.

Portrait video is an incredibly effective tool for on-stage video displays, having a tall screen allows you to isolate your presenter or speaker, if you're an audience member with limited views, this can be a game-changer.

We used this technique for the main stage recently at PI Live & IMS 2023's main stage. A single landscape screen acted as a backdrop to the presenters, and 2 tall portrait screens either side of the stage allowed us to show live footage of the presenters to our audience members who would otherwise have limited views.

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PYTCH Founder, Johnny Palmer was on site during the event, and filmed the video below to talk more about this.