Bristol Climate Strike
Event Production
By Jordan Tomkins
Bristol Climate Strike

An event attended by hundreds and watched by thousands on national news coverage.

Bristol Climate Strike

The Brief:

When Greta Thunberg was scheduled to visit Bristol to attend a planned climate march event, the organisers realised that they needed to step up their infrastructure to accommodate the mass increase in likely attendees. They reached out to PYTCH due to our pre-existing climate work and presence in the community.

The Solution:

PYTCH designed a custom stage platform to allow the hundreds of attendees to see the relatively small 17-year old Thunberg as she addressed the crowd. The team then worked on designing a PA system that would be large and clear enough for the open space, whilst being power efficient so that it could run on our proprietary SolCell deployable solar energy system. The solution incorporated four large stacks of Martin Audio PA, coupled to a 7kWh SolCell generator. In order to visibly show that the event was run as sustainably as possible, the organisers and PYTCH agreed that the solar panels should be mounted to the stage itself. We also agreed that SolCell branding would be applied to the staging to raise awareness of the availability of sustainable power solutions.

The Result:

An event attended by hundreds and watched by thousands on national news coverage, it raised the profile of the climate crisis whilst also demonstrating to those in attendance that solar-powered event solutions were a possibility.

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