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By Jordan Tomkins
Bristol Light Festival

Bristol BID were looking to encourage a more diverse and creative input on their installations.

Bristol Light Festival

The Brief:

For 2023, Bristol BID were looking to encourage a more diverse, creative, and unique take on the usual favourite interactive lighting installations around Bristol. They were also searching for local organisations with the creativity and technical know-how to produce excellent lighting displays. They reached out to PYTCH to design and develop a display that would wow new audiences and engage on multiple levels.

The Solution:

In consultation with the festival organisers, PYTCH designed ‘Beam’ - an ethereal experience comprised of an overhead ‘liquid sky’ with ground-level lighting to bounce off the water, and a unique soundscape to engage the guests’ senses as they crossed over the river.

Our creative team worked with multiple stakeholders and engaged at every step of the process, hosting co-creation sessions with the team to demonstrate various concepts and options, as well as our operational team working with the site and local businesses to ensure the installation was compliant with their needs.

Bristol Light Festival Beam installation by PYTCH

The Result:

'Beam’ proved a hit with guests, and became the headline installation in media due to its arresting nature and Instagram-worthy visuals.

Taking place in February after dark, the entire installation was powered from solar energy via our SolCell system, a testament to the viability of off-grid solutions!

Bristol BID have asked PYTCH to expand our partnership with them in 2024.

Bristol light Festival Beam installation with laser, smoke, lighting