Coors Ice Bar
Event Production
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By Jordan Tomkins
Coors Ice Bar

The UK’s first ever touring ice bar.

Coors Ice Bar

The Brief:

Coors wanted a winter brand activation with a difference: the UK’s first ever touring, temporary pop-up ice bar. PYTCH were approached to deliver full technical implementation and project management across three sites in the UK.

The Solution:

We designed and developed a modular refrigeration system that allowed us to build and dismantle a temperature-controlled room with relative ease. This was enclosed within a larger temporary structure, which included large-format graphics, a ski-lodge themed area with props and set dressing, as well as a dedicated performance area for DJs Rudimental with lighting, audio system, and power. The structure appeared almost as if by magic overnight in locations such as Brixton and Manchester city centre.

The Result:

The UK’s first ever touring ice bar, the solution was copied and taken on the road all around the world over the following two years.