Digital Street Artists
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By Jake Giles-Phillips
Digital Street Artists

Since the start of 2024, PYTCH have been working alongside the 'anonymous' street artist group going by the name of DSA. Aiming to bring a unique and non-destructive approach to Bristol's infamous street art scene, DSA invited PYTCH on-board to help them with the technical side of their projection-mapped graffiti, with the help of the guys at Dirty Jack to document the whole thing for their social channels.

By projecting over existing pieces of street art around the city, DSA is able to bring a new dimension to a notoriously 2-dimensional form of creativity, without damaging or altering the original pieces. (Something we're fully on-board with here at PYTCH, we love sustainable event production!)

What started as a successful proof of concept test here at Skyline Park; the home of PYTCH HQ, on the side of our Boeing 727 office - took PYTCH and DSA on several outings around the city under the cover of darkness in order to find the perfect physical canvas for their digital overlays.

In the spirit of Bristol's notorious street art history, DSA's anonymous facade slots them in perfectly amongst the great names associated with this city!

Check out their videos below to follow the adventures!