EPIC European Group Meeting 2024
Event Production
By Penny Sandford-Hughes
EPIC European Group Meeting 2024

EPIC embarked on an exciting new venture by hosting their first client event in Europe, aimed at spreading awareness about their innovative medical and wellness software. To ensure the event's success, PYTCH managed all AV requirements, bringing high quality technology to create a seamless experience. Held over two dynamic days at Ashton Gate Stadium and Delta Hotels Bristol, the event featured conference sessions, a dinner party, entertainment and an engaging atmosphere. This new chapter for EPIC required flawless execution, and PYTCH was proud to deliver just that.

The main session set up featured a large LED video wall, with a martin audio line array, multiple repeater TVs for seamless viewing, 14 radio mics, and 3 cameras for live streaming and recording. The breakout rooms all had at least one rear projector with custom made surround flats (With the Dolman Hall having 4 of these projectors), ROBE lighting, 6 radio mics and Martin Audio DD^ and DD12 speakers to ensure crisp, clear sound throughout.

An exciting and informative two day event where people from around the world came together, filled with high energy, entertainment, and unity.

Check out this case study video and highlights video from European Group Meeting 2024!