Performance Marketing Awards 2024
Event Production
By Jacob Nuttall
Performance Marketing Awards 2024

FOr yet another year of PYTCH we asked to deliver the Performance Marketing Awards (PMA's) hosted by Hello Partner in London's iconic the Grosvenor House Hotel with it's immense 34,000 sq ft pillarless ballroom, fitting up to 2000 guests is an easy task. The annual PMA Awards showcases the very best in marketing, campaign and much more.

For this year, PYTCH installed over 190 panels of LED to create an impressive 14m wide wall, which when coupled with over a 50 ft stage creates a great centre piece to party the night away. With the help of the in house rigging, lights and speaker systems, the team were able to pull this whole show together in a matter of hours, meaning the client could rest easy knowing their show would happen on schedule.

By combining all of these aspects the team were able to pull off yet another successful year at the PMA's, and it gave all the attendees a chance to let their hair down and enjoy a great evening.

Check out these videos showing where this event is held, Grosvenor House!