Vonage Sales Kick Off 2022
Creative Content & Design
Virtual and Studio
By Jake Giles-Phillips
Vonage Sales Kick Off 2022

A ground-breaking hybrid global event delivered to over 1600 attendees over three days.

Vonage Sales Kick Off 2022

The Brief:

For their 2022 sales kick off event, Vonage needed to shake things up a bit. They realised that the virtual format was challenging when it came to engaging their staff for a 3-day internal conference, and asked PYTCH to come on board to develop a newly energising 2022 event. In addition to this, the clients’ management team and the event’s speakers were located across four different time-zones, making a unique challenge for the team to produce a coherent event strategy.

The Solution:

PYTCH consulted with the client to determine their message and priorities for the event. Due to the tight turnarounds required, the team then designed multiple virtual environments which could have remotely filmed content slotted straight in, and worked with Vonage’s internal teams overseas to facilitate the filming of this content. The ‘keynote stage’ consisted of a 3D rendered virtual environment designed by our in-house 3D developer, which we could display green-screened presenters as if they were really on-stage in a studio.

PYTCH designed, edited, and delivered the full 3-day conference in less than one month, with a content team of 6 people working round the clock to deliver to the immovable deadline.

The Result:

The team were incredible, far surpassing all expectations.
Terry Bird VP Sales Enablement, Vonage