SPAR: Annual Stakeholder Conference
Virtual and Studio
Creative Content & Design
By Jordan Tomkins
SPAR: Annual Stakeholder Conference

Not just a webinar.

SPAR Annual Stakeholder Conference

The Brief:
Unable to host their 2000+ person annual stakeholder conference in person due to pandemic-related travel restrictions, Spar UK chose PYTCH as their partner in taking the experience online and sharing their messages across geographical borders. The content had to be engaging but clear and received by stakeholders at all levels, from C-suite to retail staff.

The Solution:
A key phrase from the brief was ‘not just a webinar’, which PYTCH took to heart. We designed a ‘Spar TV’ style virtual conference, treating the content delivery like a live broadcast from our own TV studios on site. We arranged dedicated one-to-one meetings with each of the SPAR executive team, discussing their key outcomes and talking points for the conference. We then used the client’s brand identity to build an event brand which was turned into broadcast graphics and VTs, and managed all presenters’ slide decks to bring them on-brand and ensure they stayed on-message. The event was to be broadcast live over Intelligo, and so we also produced the platform branding and took care of online event management right up to implementing online polls and Q&A sessions.
Reliability was understandably a concern for Spar UK, however the technical system was chosen and designed to ensure resiliency at every stage.

The Result:
"Building up to the event, the management and coordination of presentations and the show was excellent – Dave really brought it all to life. On the day, despite our nerves, the production team were excellent, calm and managed all of our last minute changes. Unlike many virtual events, we had very little ‘drop offs’ from the audience – a credit to the PYTCH team, the amazing stage and delivery of the event. Thank you!"

Our Sustainability:
Fully virtual meant zero-carbon attendance

Virtual Venue studios powered by off-grid energy