SPAR South Africa 2024
Event Production
By Jake Giles-Phillips
SPAR South Africa 2024

PYTCH were tasked with facilitating all AV production, and content management and creation, for this years SPAR stakeholder event in South Africa.

PYTCH provided comlete AV support for this event alongside a local South African production team brought in by us to help deliver this event on the other side of the globe. The 4 day experience took place across several areas of the famed Palace Resort, where various installations, lighting and audio setups were facilitated, including our incredible HUDOR water screen which we installed in the resort wave pool. Full conference production was provided with 3 large LED screens, complete video relay and custom content. Full photography and videography was also provided for the event with an overnight edit being provided after the week.

A truly phenominal experience requiring a lot of careful time-management and experience crew to deliver this experience across a large resort spanning 4 consecutive days.