SQL Bits
Event Production
By Jake Giles-Phillips
SQL Bits

SQLBits is the worlds leading Data Platform conference with over 300 sessions across 5 days covering various fields of data technology. In 2024 the event took over the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre with 15 individual event rooms, a huge exhibition hall and various breakout spaces.
PYTCH were tasked with providing full event production services for the 5-day conference, exhibition and party.

PYTCH designed the event from the ground-up, starting with floorplans to accomodate 15 conference rooms, exhibition space and a an after-party area. A total of 5 fully-loaded arctic trucks delivered the AV and custom digital signage was produced across site to fit the aviation theme of the event along with a custom-built web-based departure board for displaying event timings. A 70 metre edge-blended projection wall using a total of 11 projectors was the centre piece of the exhibition that displayed live streams from every conference. A state-of-the-art audio streaming system accompanied this allowing visitors to tune into the audio of any live stream from within the exhibition hall.
PYTCH also supplied 2 complete flight simulators for guests to enjoy between conferences.

The most successful SQLBits ever with over 300 conference sessions delivered and 5 days of incredibly engaging content across the 15 stages.