The Developer Network Christmas Party
Event Production
By Johnny Palmer
The Developer Network Christmas Party

The Developers Network hosted their Christmas party at “Hangar 1” at PYTCH HQ at Skyline Park this year!

TDN are a property development community who work together to create housing and workspaces. The diverse community collaborate, network and join forces to do everything they can to help the region build more affordable, sustainable quality homes. Their Christmas party was all about sharing ideas, forming stronger connections and raising money for charity.

The event featured presentations from White Box Property who support devleopers in building their skills. James Adams from Fairholm Estates was the host. They benefitted from a Prolyte staging system, Sony 85” LCD screens and a lighting system from Chauvet. Audio was largely thanks to equipment from EV, Sennheiser and Allen and Heath. All equipment was provided from PYTCH in-house stocks.

During the day a charity Monopoly game was held where players paid an entry fee (fully donated to charity) to play with some of the regions most competitive property developers. This was hosted on PYTCHAir, our Boeing 727 private jet.

"I thought it would be good fun to get otherwise-friendly property developers around the Monopoly board to attempt to bankrupt each other."

Johnny Palmer - PYTCH Founder

At PYTCH we invite other community events to co-host their events in our warehouse. PYTCH is an event production and AV company - we are not a commercial events venue, but a fun and out-of-the-way space for quirky audiences wanting something very different.