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Chris Ford
Account Manager

What is the origin of your passion for events?

Being a massive sport fan, due to being involved in a wide varsity of sports playing at different professional levels I've secretly been involved in events without really knowing for a long time but didn't fully understand the depth of what the word 'Events' covered.

How this led to a career in events?

When I moved back from Australia in 2021, having been involved in the health and fitness industry since leaving school, I wanted a new challenge. I've also enjoyed talking, engaging and relationship building so I moved into a role with PYTCH to help develop some of their existing clients and also help drive new/organic leads.

What is your education & past work background?

I'm a Qualified Personal Trainer (cert 3 & 4) and previously a Gym Manager.

What is your favourite project you've worked on?

Bristol Light Festival - Castle Bridge.

What is your biggest passion for your current role?

Building new relationships with new clients and expanding those existing ones!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I love boxing and classical music.