Choosing The Right Event Venue
By Jordan Tomkins
Choosing The Right Event Venue

There are so many event venues around the world, with new locations opening every day. So how do you choose the right event venue? When choosing an event venue, there are so many factors that need to be considered. Whether you're hosting an awards dinner, conference, product launch, or experiential event, it's an obvious fact that you will need a location in which to host the event (assuming you've not chosen to go virtual, of course).

The first thing to do is make a list of what you think is most important to your stakeholders. That's the guests, and the people who matter most to the success of the event. Some key things that might be important are:


Where should you host the event geographically? This can be harder than it first appears. If your event is a regional one for guests from a certain physical location, this could be easy, however if you're planning to bring people together from further afield, you need to consider your location carefully. Transport links, accommodation options, and entertainment around the area are all vital considerations, as well as your guests' perceptions of the city or location you choose!


Does the venue have adequate power on site for catering, AV, and other elements of the event? Does it have a kitchen and running water? Does the venue have on-site catering or accommodation facilities? These are all critical to the success of your event - if you decide they are important of course!

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How will people physically access the venue? Are there lots of treacherous stairs or is it accessible to people with a wide range of physical abilities?

There is also transport to consider. Venues with large amounts of car parking tend to be outside of major town and city centres, however central locations may have better public transport links.

Moreover, you need to ensure your suppliers can access the venue too - you may not find a fairground ride hire company willing to drag their heavy rides down narrow, cobbled streets. So look for loading bays with easy access.

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This can often make or break your event experience. If the venue is short-staffed, or has under-trained or inexperienced event managers assisting with your booking, this can lead to stress and panic for yourself, your suppliers, and your guests. Make sure you take a note of how you are treated during the enquiry and site visit process, because if you have any misgivings at that stage, it's better to nip them in the bud than suffer through a poorly managed event booking!

Upkeep & Repair

This should be an easy one to spot, but you should definitely visit the venue prior to booking to ensure that everything is well looked after and in a good general condition. A small minority of venues may struggle to afford their own upkeep, and things like repairing plug sockets and balustrades may fall by the wayside. Not only does this make your event feel less premium, it can also lead to serious health and safety issues.


More and more delegates are taking note of how events handle their impact. When considering the sustainability strategy for your event, if your venue has a robust sustainability policy and procedures, this can make your life a lot easier. Make sure you ask about things like renewable energy and how the venue handles their carbon emissions before signing on the dotted line!


Ultimately, when choosing an event venue there are lots of things to consider, and it can help to get expert advice.

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