The South West’s first permanent

Virtual Production Studio.


Let our space elevate your production.


The Virtual Venue is the South West’s first permanent Virtual Production studio produced specifically for commercial use with Film, TV, Drama and events.

Setup for a hybrid approach, meaning the space can easily host a range of multi-disciplinary hybrid productions, from music events to driving plates. The Virtual Venue is more than just a studio, it’s a place to work, relax, network and enjoy.

With over 85sqm of usable space, The Virtual Venue Virtual Production Studio Bristol can host sizable productions with onsite parking, access to our own chef and amazing views of Bristol and the surrounding area. An easy to access shutter door enables all sorts of props from american muscle cars to a pre-made beach to be easily setup without affecting shoot schedules.


The Virtual Venue hosts a 13m wide by 3.5m LED screen made up of 2.8mm LED panels with an immersive colour range and controllable brightness. Extra LED screen dollys can easily be set up as per the productions requirements using our super bright outdoor screen – meaning true, beautiful reflections can all be caught in camera.

Powered by advanced camera tracking and Unreal engine, the world is at your fingertips. DMX integration and remote access enables seamless use of Unreal scenes. Don’t like the sun’s position? That can be changed instantly, on the fly.
A full set of effect and studio lighting also compliments the stage, such as film haze to create the perfect lighting and mist.

Placed perfectly on PYTCH’s campus this enables The Virtual Venue to have access to some of the best technology on the market.