LED Video wall setup on a catwalk stage
By Johnny Palmer
Sustainable Graphics at your Next Live Event

We love using video wall for live events at PYTCH. LED displays are bright, high quality, dynamic, and can be configured in a huge variety of ways that make them incredibly adaptive to the needs of your client and your venue.

This is great for displaying content on stage, as the fidelity and scale of an LED displays means the content can be easily viewed by large audiences all around your venue, especially when compared to alternatives like projection (read our full comparison on this here).

Something that's often overlooked with live events however, is how effective these LED screens can be utilised for displaying static information. Sustainability is core to everything we do here at PYTCH; and static content like sponsors, event information or advertising is almost always in the format of print, a notoriously unsustainable option when considering the size and quantity required for large live events.

By using an LED display, you can reduce the single use waste of this static printed media whilst arguably improving its overall effectiveness. By utilising real estate on these large video screens you can have a combination of your dynamic and static content without the need for unsustainable and time consuming methods. We covered this topic before in [this article here[(https://pytch.co.uk/knowledge/led-wall-or-print-stage).

We use this method so often, we even developed our own software for handling the many of these digital displays we use at large live events. You can find out more about that here..

Check out this video below with PYTCH founder Johnny Palmer as he covers this topic at this years PI Live & IMS Show.