Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas 2023 Light Trail Build
Event Production
By Jake Giles-Phillips
Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas 2023 Light Trail Build

Our production team has been super busy over the last few weeks, battling the ever-changing winter weather (and the occasional snail trying to steal our equipment) they have done an incredible job building the many various installations that go together to make the Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas.

This is PYTCH's fifth year working with Forestry England to deliver this event (Check out previous year's), responsible for the creative conception of a compelling storyline, scripts, character creation, and lighting trail encompassing stunning lighting design, props, and effects to make the most magical Christmas experience possible for both children and adults alike.

Whilst we don't we want to spoil the surprise and share too many details about the event, we can share some photos of how it's looking so far.

We love working on winter light trails; so much so we're hosting our own this year. (Check out the Lumosphere), and can't wait to see Westonbirt in action this year!

If you haven't yet, grab your tickets now from Forestry England's website! GET TICKETS