Our Values
Our Values

Meaningful because we want to ensure that the experiences we create with our clients have value to their audiences. Unique because we do not want to be bound by convention. Unforgettable because the messages we share need to be understood and remembered by everyone who experiences them.

However, the most critical part of the PYTCH vision is the last three words.

For the future underpins our entire operation, and means that everything PYTCH and PYTCHers do should be conducive to a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

PYTCH are a Certified B Corporation, which means we've made a legally-binding agreement to put the needs of our staff, clients, community, and the planet before the needs of our shareholders. This means sustainable events, sustainable film production, sustainable jobs for our staff, and sustainable growth.

PYTCHers should always be moving towards a tomorrow that is better than yesterday.

A team that looks at a problem through the same lens cannot succeed.

Thomas Huxley once said that people should strive to ‘know everything about something and something about everything’.

Accountability is crucial to improvement.

Great progress is made in a series of tiny steps.

Not being late to the party in any aspect of our actions is integral to remaining forward-thinking and future-focused.

As well as the above value statements, as an organisation we also commit to the following which we believe are critical to the continued sustainability of our existence within the community.

Humans have a complex relationship with the work we do and how we earn a living. For many of us, it is a large part of how we define ourselves. PYTCH are committed to creating jobs and work that are fulfilling, fairly paid, and wherever possible, aligned with ambition and development. One of our biggest goals is to create a ‘career for life’.

We have one planet, and are currently causing irreparable harm to it with how we choose to live our lives on a daily basis. PYTCH have a responsibility to measure and improve our impact wherever possible. We should not only be negating our negative impact, but working towards repairing and improving. We believe that if we can be leaders in our environmental attitude, we can set an example to everyone and inspire them to improve themselves

We are on a journey of growth and development, and as part of that we are working hard to become more transparent. As we grow, we will be continuing to become more transparent through sharing data on sustainability, diversity, and profitability.

We put fairness above profit, always. That is why we approach every day with an overarching emphasis on what is fair, right, and true. We want to be fair to our staff in how we treat them, fair to our suppliers in how we choose, pay, and contract them, and fair to our clients in what we expect from them and in turn how we deliver above and beyond their expectations