The Portal into The Lumosphere
The Portal into The Lumosphere


The entrance to any immersive experience sets the stage for what's to come, and "The Portal into Lumosphere or Beginnings" is a masterclass in using technology to create an engaging and disorienting entrance. This long tunnel, equipped with some of our best lighting, audio, and atmospheric effects, serves as a portal into the Lumosphere light experience.

At the centre of this installation are the Chauvet-Rogue R1-FXB lights. These fixtures are renowned for their intense and vivid beam effects, which are crucial in creating an enthralling visual journey. The R1-FXB's individual LED light control allows for intricate and dynamic patterns, perfect for the immersive tunnel experience. Managed by an Avolites T3 console, known for its intuitive interface and extensive control capabilities, the lighting design becomes a fluid and responsive element of the installation.

To enhance the visual impact of the lighting, PYTCH used Prolight Haze Machines to create a thick haze, which allow the lights to really shine. The haze adds depth and dimension to the light, making the visual experience more impressive.

Complementing the visual spectacle is the carefully curated sound environment, achieved using Martin Audio - DD6 Small and Discreet Loudspeakers and the Martin Audio Blackline XP118 Powered Subwoofer as well as a soundtrack design by our in-house creative team. The DD6 units are selected for their ability to deliver high-quality, directional sound in a compact form factor. These speakers provide clarity and detail to the experience without visually intruding on the space. The Blackline XP118 subwoofer adds a physical dimension to the sound, with its deep and powerful bass creating a visceral experience that resonates with the visitors as they move through the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel, the guests are greeted with a dazzling laser experience using our ADJ Micro Galaxian II, before they head outside to the next installation.

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