Event Production in Bristol
Event Production
By Johnny Palmer
Event Production in Bristol

Events in Bristol

PYTCH is proudly a Bristol based company. We love this city - the art, the lifestyle, the creative scene, the food and the scenery. As the base for an event production company we believe it is the best in Europe.

Why are we so evangelical about it?

Let’s look at what makes Bristol the best base for an event production company!


We need space, a lot of it, to store our video, lighting, audio, rigging, sound, drapes and stages. All this equipment needs to be prepared for every job we do - whether that is a conference, awards show, party, wedding, concert or film shoot. Setting event equipment up requires a lot of space and because we are based in Bristol we have it. The PYTCH HQ is based at Skyline Park where we occupy several warehouses.

Space needs to be affordable too. Affordability is vital as we must provide great for our clients and this is not possible if our warehouse costs are high. Bristol, compared with London, is far lower cost warehousing, although that is changing fast as Bristol becomes a more popular destination. Fortunately, our parent company owns the entirety of Skyline Park park which means we are not vulnerable to rent increases.

Having a lot of space means we do creative and experimental projects, as well as hsot events. This enables us to do projects like PYTCHLabs and Lumia at our base.

A team working under uv lighting

Iconic structures

Bristol has a lot of iconic structures and features. With a lot of our work involving large scale outdoor lighting, video projection, lasers and special effects, it is a pleasure to be able to work with local building owners and venues to produce amazing live events and shows.
Our most iconic structure is the Clifton Suspension Bridge. We have had the pleasure of illuminating this bridge several times with large scale flood and feature lighting. We have also projected onto the suspension bridge using high-powered lasers and video projection.
You can see a detailed case study of the suspension bridge lighting here.

Liberal Culture

Bristol known for its liberal and relaxed culture. Our city is often given accolades such as “vegan capital of europe”, “coolest city” and “best place to live”. This relaxed culture is great for an event production and media company. This culture means event organisers and event planners can move fast, get creative and deliver on conferences, events, festivals and other projects at speed.

One of our favourite examples is when Greta Thunberg came to the city at short notice.
A matter of days before she visited we were called to provide a concert sound system, staging and event power for her speech at College Green. In a few short days a 30,000 pax event was organised collaboratively with the council and delivered seamlessly, safely and without a single incident. For this event we used the SolCell power system and high-powered concert audio. You can learn more about this event here.

Exceptional Supply Chain

Anything you need you can get in Bristol. Be it custom fabricated metal for a set piece, power distribution equipment, custom set pieces for events, incredible street art or scenic painting. Bristol is not a huge city but within it we can access an incredible array of skills and resources to make it easier to run our live events including conferences, awards shows and parties.
These diverse skills and resources are largely rooted in the industrial heritage of the city. With a lot of aerospace and technical development happening in the city there has been generations of innovation and knowledge-building which we are delighted to be able to benefit from.

Playful Projects

One of our most iconic pieces of work is getting our aircraft to skyline park. PYTCHAir is a boeing 727 private jet which forms part of the PYTCH HQ at Skyline Park. Bristol, being Bristol, made it possible for this to happen. While it was not easy, we managed to get planning permission for the structure and aircraft; something we dont think would be as easy in other cities.

We thank Bristol City Council for their support in this. While this does not directly relate to live events and productions, it shows the open, creative and liberal culture of Bristol which is major part of why PYTCH being based in Bristol is optimal.

Close to London

Economically, London is by far the most influential part of the UK. London is where most of our largest (and most financially substantial) work happens, so access from London to Bristol matters.

We often find that we can make it to west London faster than people from the outskirts of east London. With London being around 2-3 hours door-to-door on train or car it is entirely viable for us to easily get to meetings and events in London. So while we are Bristol based we very much serve the larger London market.

Bristol is our home, it always will be and we are delighted to have clients, suppliers and friends come and visit us. If you are ever heading west and want to pop in for a coffee and a chat please do get in touch; we would love to hear from you!

PYTCH Event Production lighting on a bridge in bristol